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Tercen and BioLizard today announced their partnership.

BioLizard is an agile bioinformatics and AI/ML company globally servicing clients in the life sciences, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries.

Tercen is an interactive bioinformatics platform that facilitates visual-based analysis of large biomedical datasets and easy collaborations.

The complementarity of Tercen’s analytics platform and BioLizard’s tailored advanced analytics services will benefit both companies’ services.

Originating from Ghent (Belgium) and with offices in the Netherlands and the US, BioLizard has a strong track record in providing cutting-edge bioinformatics, data science, software development, and data management solutions to manage, process, and analyze even the most complex scientific data.

These in-depth capabilities of BioLizard and the easy-to-use platform of Tercen are highly complementary and result in faster and more complete analytics services.

Tercen, a bioinformatics software company with offices in Waterford (Ireland), has developed a low-code platform for intuitive bioinformatics analysis and visualization of biomedical data.

The platform allows researchers to perform bioinformatic analysis and data visualization in an intuitive way.

Both companies are convinced the complementarity between them will benefit their respective customers. Tercen’s platform complements BioLizard’s in-depth analytics services and allows researchers to perform hands-on analysis themselves.

BioLizard’s expertise in advanced analytics, data mining, and data visualisation will benefit Tercen users that require more in-depth analysis of highly complex datasets or biological questions.

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