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We are pleased to announce that BioLizard has joined BioWin, the health cluster in Wallonia, Belgium.

BioWin is the regional reference for all stakeholders in health, biotech and medtech research, and innovation projects. It currently encompasses 250 members from the private, public and academic sectors.

BioWin’s mission is to accelerate innovation to meet tomorrow’s public health challenges and develop the knowledge, employment and competitiveness of all players in the health sector ecosystem. By bringing together all the innovation players in Wallonia’s life sciences field, BioWin aims to stimulate regional economic redeployment. The cluster is also involved in implementing the sector’s industrial policy (industrial innovation and research, training, support for business growth), to develop and anchor skills, knowledge and jobs.

At BioLizard, our overarching vision is to improve the quality and longevity of human life around the world by leveraging data better. Joining BioWin will help us continue to collaborate with the innovators in Wallonia to make this vision a reality.

If you’d like to learn more about how BioLizard can help you with all your data needs, reach out to us today. Let’s transform your data into actionable insights together!

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