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BioLizard announced today the appointment of three independent members to the board of directors.

Caroline Vanovermeire, André van de Sande, and Laurie Heilmann join company co-founder, Wim Van Criekinge, Novalis fund manager, Kjell Mortier, and BioLizard CEO, Liesbeth Ceelen with a focus on setting strategic management direction, sustainable development goals, and advancing the company’s global competitiveness.

“I am delighted to welcome our new members to the board of directors. Each member has extensive and proven leadership experience in their fields of expertise that will aid in shaping the strategy for the coming years, aligned with the needs of customers as well as building sustainable growth,” said Liesbeth Ceelen, CEO BioLizard.

Caroline Vanovermeire is a seasoned talent, leadership, and organizational development professional. She is the founder of Effra Consult with experience as a FinTech industry start-up mentor. She oversees Talent, Leadership and Organisational Development at dentsu, one of the largest global marketing and advertising agency networks in the world.

A key success factor in scaling and building a market leader position is to ensure that culture is a focal point. I look forward to advising BioLizard on this single most powerful advantage to turn its strategic ambitions into reality.

Caroline Vanovermeire
BioLizard - Independent Director


“The BioLizard team and I share a core value, collaboration,” said André van de Sande. “Together we will look at how best to drive operational and organizational development as needed.” André van de Sande is a senior executive with 30 years of life sciences management and a strong background in change management.

Senior executive and independent board member with 30-years of experience, Laurie Heilmann, has a proven track record of leading companies to growth and profitability in Europe and the US. “It is of paramount importance to leverage deep biomedical data analysis, predictive biological modelling and multi-omics to advance therapeutic pipelines in drug discovery,” said Laurie Heilmann. “I am excited to work with BioLizard to accelerate their presence in game changing data technology to forge synergies with pharma and biotech companies.”

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