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When your literature search produces hundreds or even thousands of results, you may find yourself having to look up each gene individually - and the process quickly goes from painstakingly slow to impossible.

With BioReflect, we have designed an at-a-glance and up-to-date global overview of publications, with topic-based clustering that lets you breeze through your literature searches with ease and in an unbiased manner. BioReflect can fast-track your preparation for regulatory approval or exploratory reading by helping you to select the most important relevant scientific literature, and by easily linking literature directly to your data for easy scientific exploration.

In addition, BioReflect seamlessly integrates disease, gene and chemical annotations in its reported results, and therefore can help reveal gene-disease associations and more from publications. BioReflect is a valuable tool across your project lifecycles - from initial exploration phases to patents and clinical trial searches.


Get started now to start using BioReflect and get the BioLizard experience - where advanced technology and deep biological expertise come together to transform your data-driven research.

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