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We are incredibly proud to announce that Liesbeth Ceelen, CEO of BioLizard, was awarded the honour of being named one of the leading women in Belgian tech for 2022.

The global InspiringFifty initiative, started by EQL:HER, was established to recognise the top fifty women excelling in tech careers. The focus of the award is to highlight the achievements of female role models and to inspire the next generation of leaders.

I think we should encourage any opportunity to celebrate women’s achievements in the tech ecosystem. I hope I can inspire other females to pursue a career in tech and live their dreams.

Liesbeth Ceelen
BioLizard - CEO


After graduating with a PhD in veterinary sciences, Liesbeth went on to have a successful career in the biotech and pharma industries, with experience in multinational environments as well as in start-up and scale-up companies. In 2019 she joined BioLizard as the director for business development, and from there she quickly moved up the ranks to CEO. In 2022, Liesbeth guided BioLizard through one of its most fruitful years, bringing in new business opportunities and facilitating the marked growth of the company.

Liesbeth leads by example, and her driving ambition is to inspire each of the Lizards and to help them grow. By doing so, the company does not only want to offer best-in-class services but also differentiate in customer connectivity. 

Liesbeth also acts as the Director At Large in marketing and communications for the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, which aims to support women with an entrepreneurial spirit by providing a safe environment and trusted support.

Congratulations to Liesbeth and all the other extraordinary ladies on the Belgium Inspiring Fifty list! Each and every one of you is a role model and a source of inspiration, showing women that they can make an impact in the tech world.

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