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Pixelgen technologies is a company that develops cutting-edge technology for single cell spatial proteomics based on molecular pixelation. And of course, when developing state-of-the-art technologies, there are always challenges that pop up along the way. In the case of Pixelgen, one challenge that emerged was the need to develop a suite of software tools to support their new molecular pixelation-based products. However, there is a pretty large workload involved in development of the analytical pipelines, cloud operations, and front-end features that Pixelgen wanted to create. With limited in-house software engineering and computational biology resources, Pixelgen looked for a partner to support them in tackling these challenges.

And that’s where BioLizard’s Software & IT Architecture team came in.


Because BioLizard has extensive experience in software engineering and computational biology, our Software & IT Architecture team could provide flexible contractor support to support the teams at Pixelgen.

Over the course of this collaboration, members of our Software & IT Architecture team were truly embedded into the team at Pixelgen, to provide the flexible expertise that was necessary to create a bespoke set of software solutions and analytical pipeline optimization.

While working together with Pixelgen, our Software & IT Architecture team optimized computational pipelines, for example using nexflow, created a scalable Amazon Web Services-based computing environment in the cloud, developed interactive reporting tools, and more. They also built a documentation hosting website, to make sure that everything that BioLizard developed was fully accessible to the team at Pixelgen for future use. The result: scalable and future-proof software solutions that Pixelgen can continue to use to create their top-of-the-line molecular pixelation-based spatial proteomics products.

When asked about our work with Pixelgen, here’s what Álvaro Martinez Barrio, CDAO Pixelgen, had to say:

BioLizard has been instrumental in setting up our analysis pipeline that will bring Molecular Pixelation to every proteomics scientist and single cell experimentalists in the world. Not only that, they also established our cloud operations, frontend development, documentation and even CI/CD infrastructure. Their consultants are top of the industry standards and we would definitively entrust this project if asked again.”

Álvaro Martinez Barrio
Pixelgen - CDAO


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