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At the beginning of June, we took part in Knowledge for Growth, an event where industry leaders and visionaries come together to shape the future of life sciences. At this event, Volodimir Olexiouk, our Director of Scientific Engagement and AI & Analytics Team Lead, joined the panel session, AI on the verge of breakthrough in healthcare: How to monetise while creating patient impact.

This panel covered a range of topical questions in the field, including…

  • How can AI effectively be used in life sciences companies?
  • What types of AI tools are well suited to the biotech industry?
  • What are some success stories of using AI, and what are some potential pitfalls?

Alongside Volodimir, the panelists included José Flores Canales (Sanofi), Leonie De Best (Madam Therapeutics), Carlo Boutton (Biotalys), and Hans Danneels (ByteFlies), with Steven Latré (Imec) moderating.

Volodimir shared some of his successful stories of using AI to improve upon biotech pipelines and applications, such as the work described in this case study. He also dove into how AI can accelerate the drug discovery process, which translates into identifying better early on and increasing the chances of experimental success in the wet lab.

The panelists also discussed some of the challenges in applying AI in industrial settings – such as ensuring that the outcomes of AI applications are fair, reliable, and unbiased – and how those challenges can be overcome.

So, is AI the silver bullet for all of our problems? There’s no doubt that AI has immense potential in superdriving and streamlining pipelines in the life sciences – but the panelists all agreed that we will continue to need bright human minds to execute it correctly and with a data strategy in mind.

Are you interested in harnessing the power of AI in your life sciences company? We have deep biological knowledge combined with a proven track record in using AI to turn biological data into value, and we’re ready to support you! Reach out to BioLizard today.

For more information about applying AI in the life sciences, don’t miss our recent blog article about using machine learning for protein engineering and design, and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn to not miss out on the rest of this blog series on the power of AI!

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