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It’s a community of people from a range of different backgrounds who all share a common interest: using the power of tech to advance science!

On June 23rd 2023, BioLizard hosted a Bits in Bio Belgium meeting, which drew over fifty attendees to listen in to a series of three talks – with a healthy dose of networking and pizza on the side.

DSCF1542_lowerresJasper Zuallaert of VIB kicked off the event with a talk on Phospholingo, and left us with the take-home message that it’s key to know your data intimately before applying machine learning tools to it.

Next, Alexander Koch, our Team Lead Bioinformatics & Senior Bioinformatics Scientist, took the stage to highlight the importance of effective data governance and architecture in making biological research truly data driven. Alexander also presented a case study about using AI to streamline drug development pipelines, including an example of how to make machine learning output interactive and easy to interpret for wet lab scientists.

Are you ready to harness the power of language models and machine learning in your life sciences company? We have deep biological knowledge combined with a proven track record in using AI to turn biological data into value, and we’re ready to support you! Reach out to BioLizard today to get started.

For more information about the Bits in Bio Belgium community, check out Kenny Helsens’ informative summary of the event. And, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date on future events like this one!

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