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Parean Biotechnologies’ cutting edge technologies for deciphering the immune system complements BioLizard’s tailored advanced analytics services.

Ghent, Belgium October 30th, 2023.

Parean Biotechnologies and BioLizard announced their partnership. Parean Biotechnologies are pioneers in immune omics analysis, providing a fully integrated service linking the wetlab and data science know-how needed to decode the immune system. BioLizard is a leading multi-national bioinformatics, data analytics and data management service and consulting company heading digital transformation in the life sciences industry and providing bespoke services to its (bio)pharma clients. The complementarity of Parean Biotechnologies’ technologies and applications tuned to understanding the immune system and BioLizard’s tailored advanced analytics services will benefit both companies' services.

Originating from Ghent (Belgium) and with offices in the Netherlands and the US, BioLizard has a strong track record in providing cutting-edge bioinformatics, data science, software development and data management solutions to manage, process and analyze even the most complex scientific data - including highly complex immune system datasets.

Based in Saint-Malo (France), Parean Biotechnologies enables researchers to decode the immune system at different levels - for instance the cell proteome and transcriptome - in the same assay. Wet Labs are designed to process various biological samples and cell therapies, by cytometry, cell sorting, and RNA/DNA libraries preparation, using bulk and single cell protocols. For example, their 10x Genomics single cell service is specifically designed to investigate paired T and B cells specific receptors, their functions and their specificities.

Both companies have a strong focus on harnessing the power of biological data in order to empower insights that drive forward scientific R&D - and ultimately benefit patients. Parean Biotechnologies’ tech and applications complement BioLizard’s in-depth analytics services, and BioLizard’s expertise in advanced analytics and AI, data mining, and data visualization can support more in-depth analytic requirements of highly complex immunological datasets. Together, BioLizard and Parean Biotechnolgies are convinced that their common data-centric focus and complementary offerings will benefit their collective clients.

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