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We are excited to announce the appointment of Paul Vauterin as Chief Technology Officer. The company has expanded rapidly in the last 2 years and this new position in the leadership team will help BioLizard continue and solidify this growth.

BioLizard supports biotech and pharma companies to make discovery and R&D truly data-driven by leveraging the power of bioinformatics, data science, software development and data management. Paul Vauterin’s extensive experience in data analytics and software architecture for life science and biotech applications make him a perfect fit for BioLizard’s leadership team. Paul has worked on every aspect of the software product life cycle, and his expertise will be invaluable in helping BioLizard help their customers leverage the full potential of data for life sciences and health care.

Throughout my entire career, my passion has been to leverage the full potential of data for life sciences and health care. Therefore I’m thrilled to join BioLizard, a company that has become a leader in supporting digital transformation for pharma and biotech. In my role as CTO, I hope to help BioLizard take the next steps of this fantastic journey, and in that way contribute to improving patients’ lives.

Paul Vauterin
BioLizard - CTO


About BioLizard

BioLizard is an agile data analytics and data management consulting company, and a leader in supporting digital transformation in the life sciences industry. The company specializes in the handling of complex scientific data and the application of state-of-the-art technologies for data-driven R&D, drug and biomarker development, healthcare and other applications – all with the goal of helping life science companies get the most out of their scientific data.

The complementary team of Lizards consists of computer scientists, IT architects, data engineers, bioinformaticians, biostatisticians, software developers, and computational biologists, bringing together a broad expertise to tackle all data-related needs and challenges relevant to the life sciences industry.

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