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About the client

PamGene is dedicated to supporting physicians and scientists in finding solutions and answers to improve and optimise patient treatment and understand diseases. Their multiplex, functional kinase activity profiling technology reveals the bigger picture of cellular signalling and provides mechanistic insights needed to fully understand diseases and cell alterations.

Project overview


One of PamGene’s research projects was focused on a set of genes implicated in a rare eye disease, and their potential as drug targets.

One of the goals of this project was to get an updated literature overview of this rare ocular disease and related genes in order to identify potential associations and mechanistic insights. They did not want to miss any relevant publications with a manual search, which is why they were interested in using BioReflect to generate a comprehensive overview of the relevant literature.

Without BioReflect, we would have missed several relevant publications in our literature search.”

- PamGene


Our approach

  • Develop an algorithm that queries literature databases, finds the relevant publications and retrieves the abstracts and relevant metadata.
  • Build an NLP model to discover the topics of the downloaded publications.
  • Develop an interactive, browser-based application for visualization and exploration of the results.
  • Bundle and compress the results and front-end application in a single folder for the user to download, so that users can explore the results offline and on their own infrastructure.


explore complete literature search results


Ability to see and explore complete literature search results in a single overview.


NLP-driven topic analysis


NLP-driven topic analysis helps find the most relevant publications faster.


More complete search


A third of the papers used in the review would have been missed without BioReflect.


For more information, try the BioReflect demo today!

Work was done in collaboration with PamGene.



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