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Is AI just a buzzword?

Or can we use artificial intelligence to truly drive life sciences research forward? And if so, how can life sciences companies adopt AI effectively, and strategically, to truly extract deeper insights from complex biomedical data?

Dive into these questions with Liesbeth Ceelen, CEO of BioLizard, in the first episode of Data Bytes by BioLizard.


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Is AI just a buzzword?

It's indeed a buzzword, but if you give it a meaning and if you explain to a client what it means, indeed it it can do a lot. 

Where to start? How can life science companies adopt AI effectively?

Please consider using AI. don't be afraid, explore it. I think that's the first step.

It's very important to talk to experts in the field and expert companies that know what AI is and how you can adopt it. Everything starts with understanding what you really want to achieve with using AI, you shouldn't adopt AI just because it's AI.

So: first understand what do you want to get out of it, and then make a plan. And for this, it's very important to understand what you already have in place.

Do you have a good data management system in place? Do you have a good infrastructure in place? Are you sure that all your data is captured in the right way? Only when that is in place can you start doing data analytics: using the data, and learning from the data.

Customization is key. Your data and your research goals are unique - so your data analysis solutions should be, too.

There is indeed a lot out there, and some platforms may be interesting for specific companies, but many will not be a fit. So it's very important to customize what is out there to your needs.

We have over 80 clients, and every client is different. So it's very important to understand the environment of the client, understand the questions that they want to solve and then come up with a solution. We strongly believe in a tailor-made solution for every client.

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teampics_LiesbethAbout Dr. Liesbeth Ceelen

Dr. Liesbeth Ceelen is a CEO with both the scientific background and the management skills to lead biotech businesses with vision and strategy. Following her PhD in veterinary sciences, she started her career at J&J. From there, her passion for entrepreneurship led her into the start-up and scale-up environment. While working in several different young and dynamic companies in the biotech and healthcare fields, Liesbeth gained experience in roles ranging from operational, quality, and project management to scientific leadership, sales, and business development. Currently, as the CEO of BioLizard, it’s her ambition to make BioLizard the go-to data analytics and data engineering expert company at a global scale. Liesbeth leads by example, and her driving ambition is to inspire people and to help them grow – which she does not only as CEO, but also through her involvement in the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association and the TOPX Network for Women in Life Sciences. Liesbeth won the Inspiring 50 award in STEM in 2022 and was a finalist for the 2024 TOPX Females to Follow Award in the industry category. She has also been elected as associate member of Women on Board. Last but not least, she is also the proud mum of Lore, Elise and Lukas.

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