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 AbnomX specializes in enabling researchers to obtain deep insights within immune repertoire research, helping them to transform complex data sets into useful knowledge for product development.

AbnomX’s consultancy in immunoinformatics and antibody discovery is supported by their proprietary Antibody-Extractor platform, an in silico discovery platform that offers a suite of integrated and cross-talking modules for different steps of the discovery process, and their Abigael system for intelligent and convenient data management.

Through an effective customer-friendly user interface, researchers can stitch together a natural workflow using fast, industry-standard algorithms. This allows scientists to obtain higher quality results faster, ultimately accelerating and optimizing their discovery and clinical development efforts.

The complementarity of AbnomX’s innovative technologies and BioLizard’s tailored analytics services will enhance both companies' efforts in supporting scientists active in sophisticated data-driven life sciences R&D: a perfect match of expertise by two companies originating from the biotech hub of Ghent.

Both companies have a strong track record in helping scientists to leverage large and complex biomedical datasets in order to extract insights that drive forward R&D. Together, BioLizard and AbnomX are convinced that their common data-driven, biology-centric focus and their complementary offerings will support scientists to streamline their antibody R&D and develop superior therapeutics faster.