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We support you in data-driven food and agriculture research and development by leveraging our expertise in bioinformatics, predictive analytics & artificial intelligence, tailored software development, and data governance & architecture. Our unique strength lies in marrying our deep biological understanding to hands-on data science skills. 

Data-driven food & agriculture research and development

We have proven expertise in designing streamlined and automated workflows that can handle the complexity of your data, thereby enhancing not only the efficiency and quality of your data capture, storage, and analysis process but also increasing the probability of success. 

We can support you in…

  • Assessing toxicity of lead compounds using bioinformatics tools, in accordance with current regulatory guidelines 
  • Allergenicity prediction using state-of-the-art analytics pipelines
  • In silico characterization of production host organisms and their recombinant products
  • Support in data and metadata collection, quality control, processing and version control
  • Expert support for obtaining regulatory approval for use in (human) food and (animal) feed.
  • … And more!

Our solutions



Animal health

Food & agriculture

Our industry-leading expertise in advanced data analytics, bioinformatics and state-of-the-art tools like AI can de-risk and speed up your development process, and transform your complex datasets into actionable insights. We make the whole process simple for you, by providing agile and tailored support, and leveraging our user-friendly, interactive, and customizable data visualization and exploration platform that empowers you to explore your own data without the need for any coding know-how. And of course, we make sure to provide ongoing support throughout the process, so that you know exactly how we’ve handled your data - there are no black boxes when you work with BioLizard!

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It's a wonderful experience to work with BioLizard on bioinformatic analysis. All you need to do is to ask questions. Their strength relies on their expertise, professionalism and their extensive network across academia and industry. No matter how difficult your questions are, they always find you the right expert who can help you solve the problem. They give me the peace of mind to stop worrying about new technology that I'm not familiar with and get back to my research goals.

- Undisclosed Biotech company

Microbiome analysis

Microbiomes can affect the growth of agricultural crops and impact food production and safety on many levels. BioLizard can support clients in projects aiming to, for example...

  • Accurately predict selected outcomes, such as positive plant-microbe relations that boost crop yields or development of antimicrobial resistance
  • Establish causal relationships between microbial community composition or dynamics and those outcomes
  • Identify modifiable factors for the purpose of agricultural biological development or optimized food production processes, or
  • Quickly map out microorganisms contained within food or environmental samples.

Process automation

We boost the productivity and efficiency of your food & agriculture research by leveraging our strong blend of software development and bioinformatics skills. We apply our in-house expertise to develop scalable (bio)informatic pipelines, adhering to top-tier coding practices. By always implementing user-friendly interfaces, we make sure that you will find it easy to navigate the custom solutions that we build for you. Being vendor agnostic, we impartially assess all tools, platforms, and methods to craft optimal solutions for your specific needs and requirements.

Strategic advice for data-driven research

A great strategy should address both immediate and future needs which may range from identifying key short-term R&D goals to obtaining regulatory approval. At the strategic phase of your food and agriculture projects, we utilize our combination of life science and data science expertise to determine the most efficient and effective course of action to leverage your data and achieve your goals. A solid strategic plan ensures efficient use of resources, realistic expectations and optimal value generation. We tailor our strategies to align with your specific goals and requirements and make the process of complex biological data analysis more manageable and outcome-oriented.

Let's boost your project to a higher level

When you partner with BioLizard, you get state-of-the-art data analysis pipelines and tools to apply to your current and future research projects - and moreover, you receive end-to-end support that will make it faster and easier for you to turn your data into actionable insights.

We also always ensure to fully explain our data science approach to solving your biological challenges - there’s no black box when you work with BioLizard. Our ultimate goal is to empower you through data-driven innovation combined with interactive data exploration, thereby supporting you in extracting actionable insights from your data, and gaining a compelling competitive advantage.

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